Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Needing To Know

I went to the market to by some stuffs, a shaky foundation would always crumble.

Would it matter in five years time?  If you do it, I do it, how would it be?

When you say you don't do, and you do, how do I feel?

When you say you laugh, I laugh, how do I feel?

I laugh, you laugh, but what's important.

You engage in frivolities, but do I care?

You think you're smart, but then again, who is smart?

Let us see how it goes, but then again, it goes.

Everlasting Father, who are we to judge us?

Sin is sin, no matter how we paint it.

Red, black, yellow, purple, orange, white, green.

They are still colours to define who you be.

When I look at you, I don't see deceit, I see meceit,

That's the name we call it these days.  'Cause we don't
call it by its real name.

Don't judge me, eeeeehhhhhh, so that you can live in sin.

Chai, ife nwa a bu ro kwa obele ife.

Let us judge in good faith, 'cause judge is judge.

I went to the market to buy some stuffs.............