Saturday, 30 April 2016

Hi Mr Silent Treatment

How are you?

Are you still  on the Silent Treatment?

I remember the year 1996-

You were giving the Silent Treatment,

because you are afraid to express your true feelings.

You became dishonest in all of your interactions.

You are a professional, having a passion for fashion, but you destroy your proper image by your gift

of giving the Silent Treatment to people.

Silent Treatment never suits your image.  It sends a different message to anyone whose interested in

your name (Making It Happen / html / What's In A Name).

Someone must suffer through your giving of the Silent Treatment in your behaviour towards them.

Forgetting that them are going through their own challenges, and they do express their feelings to make them (be) understood. 

Learn from others Mr Silent Treatment.  You cannot do it alone.  You can do it with help.

Sorry Mr Silent Treatment - I have to go.  Bye.

*Passion for Fashion*

Nigerian Women And The Media


Agatha Amata


Would you say the media likes the Nigerian women? 

"They communicate," you say. 

But do they communicate well? 

The media like everyone knows, could be print..television..the internet..the world wide social media..and the media industries. 

What have the media done for the Nigerian women?

The Nigerian women have used the media as a platform for showcasing their talents, abilities and fashion sense. 

But are the Nigerian women media friendly?

Hair business is a big business in the world as the hair business owners and CEO have confirmed by their huge sale of hair. 

But are hair on Nigerian women media friendly?  I'm just asking.

When I say media friendly, I mean, are they known on the media? 

Not only Nigerian media. 

The media is friendly and powerful as well.

But are the Nigerian women friendly and powerful on the media? 

The media could be used as a voice as well to be heard when feeling unheard. 

Are the Nigerian women heard on the media?

I think more could be done in the are of the Nigerian women and the media. 

When I say more, I mean, them being seen on the media; not making the wider audience feel the Nigerian women on the media copy a lot.

They have to come up with their creative imagination:  watch the accent, think about their culture and their dressings; which are a huge presentation. 

Some would say, "do you want me to start tying wrapper sitting in front of the camera?"  It is not a bad idea.

Nigerian women do tie wrapper; not foreign women. 

The idea is for the foreign women to understand the Nigerian women on the media as and being the Nigerian women. 

The topic Nigerian women and the media is for the Nigerian women on the media living in Nigeria. 

There are many Nigerian women on the media.

There are Nigerian women media owners and Nigerian women on the media, but Nigeria is not showing most of the time. 

There are 36 states in Nigeria. 

Different languages and dialects; many times they don't show on the media. 

So how would the wider audience know the Nigerian women?

The Rich And Famous

Obaro Ibru

Somi Nwandu

Somi Nwandu

Let us start this discussion.  Keep this conversation moving on...going. 

The rich and famous keep us watching.  They are called names (Making It Happen / html / What's In A Name).  They keep us interested.  They are never available because ... errrmmm ... they are on the media. 

They are reality television shows.  They are real; they are not real.  They inspire us.  They keep us motivated. 

They go to any lengths to be observed (Making It Happen / html / D.I.V.A.) by their audience. 

Their material acquisitions are very quick and easy to gain - watching them.  Their net worth is their reality.  Their reality shows are not assumptions. 

If you want to see d├ęcor - find them on reality television shows (Making It Happen / html / Interior Decoration).  No-one is going to tell you how beautiful their Interior Decorations are.

Divas are expected on reality television shows (Making It Happen / html / Divatude).


Share your thoughts ...

The Okafors

of course I remember the Okafors from Nzimiro Street Enugu. 

There are:  Ngozi, Njideka "Njide", Nini, the late Ujunwa, Nonyelum, Obiora "Obii" , Ebele and Okey.

Nzimiro street is a long time ago. 

Some of them were my childhood friends.

Childhood is between 1975 and 1985. 

Please do the mathematics kindly.

My childhood friends were the late Ujunwa Okafor, Nonyelum, Obiora "Obii" , Ebele and Okey

And the Prince Dr Emeka Eze is their first cousin on their dad's side of family.

Hi to all of them anyway.

Prince Dr Emeka Eze

Obiora "Obii" Okafor

Obiora "Obii" Okafor

Obiora Okafor

asked me to stay strong on Making It Happen:  Where everyone is a star.  You are welcome!!!

"Obii" nwanne Ujunwa, it's a shame the blog is no longer available.  But I'm learning how to stay strong.  Thank you for acknowledging the blog by visiting and commenting.  Visit again when you get the chance; commenting.  And that is IFEYINWA  contact:

Building A House

For Nigerians living in Nigeria, my late dad did not build and own a house, shameful, isn't it? 

How do you build and own a house? 

A house is built for many things and purposes. 

Rented houses can be difficult and challenging in Nigeria

Building a house is of dignity and respect.

It is different from rented houses. 

Building a house in Nigeria is quite popular.

A house in Nigeria is built mainly by construction companies, for example, Julius Berger. 

There are other construction companies in Nigeria who build houses. 

Would they be able to build for free, and they would be paid later? 

If yes, how do I get in touch with them? 

I'm asking and speaking and asking of and for construction companies who build houses in Nigeria.

Any Julius Berger representative? 

Is it possible?

Thank you

Friday, 29 April 2016

Umu Enugu Town Na Emebe Ofuma

Enugu Town is my town.  For everyone that knows Enugu Town - it is a town that is filled with educational establishments.  

For Umu Enugu Town na emebe ofuma - it has been quite a journey.  

Enugu Town is a unique town in Nigeria West Africa, Africa.  It is a town that has given many of its residents the foundation to move on to different successful and prosperous parts of their lives.  By the teachings and practical lifestyles received in the primary and secondary schools.

Though the old residents may not be as close as they wish to be and may not keep in touch as they wish to keep.  

They somewhat are aware of what's going on in their lives. Through "iju ese" meaning asking of and about each other.  

In the process, there is the discovery of deaths which have been saddening.

But life goes on.  To the deceased(s), Ifeyinwa says, may their souls rest in peace Amen.  To their families, Ifeyinwa says, "Ndo nu.  Jisi nu ike."

To Uju Ejoh also known as Obianuju Ejoh - keep in touch with Ifeyinwa.

Copyright 2016

Cities In Nigeria

Map of Nigeria

Enugu, Awka, Lagos, Uyo, Calabar, Umuahia, Owerri, Ado-Ekiti, Abeokuta, Jos, Abuja, Abakaliki, Port-Harcourt, Ilorin, Makurdi, Minna, Kaduna, Kano, Asaba, Ibadan, Oshogbo, Maidugri, Sokoto, Bauchi, Benin-City, Akure, are some of the cities in Nigeria.

Enugu is unique for its good time.  Awka has the village settings.  Lagos is in movement 24 hours.  Uyo is known for its beaches.  One cannot go wrong for the Calabar cuisines.  I mean shoes are manufactured in Ariaria market Umuahia.  Oshogbo is known for tie and dye.  Benin-City is into manufacturing Aboniki.  Asaba is the Nollywood of Nigeria.  Ibadan is a commercial city.  Makurdi has the bush meat eatery.  Jos is the vegetables city known for tomatoes.  Abakaliki is the rice city.  Abeokuta is the farm city.  Abuja is the clean city.  Port-Harcourt is the oil city.  Kano is known for its babariga.  Minna is known for its quiet surroundings.  Kaduna is known for its gold jewelleries.  Sokoto is known for its shea butter.  Ilorin is known as the enjoyment city.  Owerri knows the hotel life:  Concorde Owerri.  Akure is known for the aso-oke material.

What other cities do you know of their uniqueness?

Photo Source:  Wikipedia

Reality Television Show: Real Housewives Of Nigeria: My Nominees

Osun State:  Mosunmola Abudu
Kwara State:  Iyabo Ojo
Delta State:  Beverly Osu
Delta State: Ojy Okpe
Delta State:  Sarah Ofili

Lagos State:  Funmi Alaiyemola

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Real Housewives Brand

There are many housewives in Nigeria.  They are really doing well.  Doing a reality television show would be ideal for their doing well.  

The barrier could be some people would say, "culturally Nigerians are not there, or not interested because they don't like such exposure."  

In my opinion, I think it could help businesses in Nigeria because the housewives needs in shopping would be shown and identified.  Helping the businesses to have more customers and clients.  In addition, it would encourage other women who are not on reality television shows to learn more - I think.  

In addition to businesses, it would showcase their day to day activities that are interesting.  Banana Island would have many housewives which is in Lagos.  Independence Layout would have many housewives which is in Enugu.  

Many cities in the state capitals of Nigeria have many housewives which are in many cities in the state capitals of Nigeria.  Their interesting lives would be shown on camera, and probably behind the scenes.  These are my written thoughts.  

I am not negotiating neither am I speaking with any producer or producers.  

Or they could nominate or choose one housewife from each city in the state capitals of Nigeria, and name the brand the real housewives of Nigeria.

In your written thoughts, do you have any nominee housewife to name?  

Okay.  I'm still not a producer or the network.  

I am just saying:  the nominee housewife to name.  

Okay ....

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Ms Kandi Burruss:  Thinks of herself only
Cynthia Bailey Thomas;  Very kind and mature
Ms Porsha:  She has a lot to learn, maybe because she's the youngest
Kenya Moore:  Very frustrating and contradictory

Ms  Phaedra Parks:  Very sanctimonious and holier-than-thou

A reality television show.  

Do you watch the show?  

I have watched many episodes of the real housewives of Atlanta 

The housewives are beautiful; the make-up, hair, dressings including outfits, shoes, handbags, jewelleries, and spending.  

They are millionairesses.  

They are hard workers, they work hard and they play hard.  

Their travel experiences shown on their reality television show are quite interesting to watch.  

Marlo Hampton is not a housewife, is she?

Their outfits actually fit them - their sizes and their actual fit. 

When it comes to their tasks like Cynthia Bailey's bowling activity - they engage in them properly.  This is one example of the tasks they engage in properly.

I wonder when the reality television show will become a reality in Nigeria.  They have hardworking women as well.  

Maybe there are talks with Andrew Cohen and Bravo to start the real housewives brand in Nigeria.  

That could be named the real housewives of Enugu and so on.  

When it happens, you heard it from IFEYINWA contact:  .  I am serious.  

I don't know Andrew Cohen and Bravo personally.  I'm just saying.  

I have to continue with my written thoughts on and about the real housewives of Atlanta.

Just saying it like I have watched many episodes.  

The idea is to watch the reality television show - many episodes, and comment sincerely.

What other episodes of the real housewives have you watched?  

Do you watch the other brands of the real housewives like the RHOOC, the RHONYC, the RHOC, the RHOMA, the RHONJ, the RHOBH?  

If you do or did, why not comment?

Nene Leakes A good judge of character

My Baby Is Me

My baby.  My baby is here to think of me.  My baby is me.

Get A Life

Patience is the ability to move when no-one is watching.  

I have been humiliated.  I have been talked badly of.  

I have never seen anyone so patient like someone whose moving without complaining.  

I can be so patient.  I can think aloud.  I can make things happen.  

I can finish things without asking you to help me finish them off.  

I can do things you are doing in my own way; without asking for your support.  

I can be me.  I can be anybody else not.  I can do things.  I can do things.  I can do things. I can imagine.