Friday, 29 April 2016

Umu Enugu Town Na Emebe Ofuma

Enugu Town is my town.  For everyone that knows Enugu Town - it is a town that is filled with educational establishments.  

For Umu Enugu Town na emebe ofuma - it has been quite a journey.  

Enugu Town is a unique town in Nigeria West Africa, Africa.  It is a town that has given many of its residents the foundation to move on to different successful and prosperous parts of their lives.  By the teachings and practical lifestyles received in the primary and secondary schools.

Though the old residents may not be as close as they wish to be and may not keep in touch as they wish to keep.  

They somewhat are aware of what's going on in their lives. Through "iju ese" meaning asking of and about each other.  

In the process, there is the discovery of deaths which have been saddening.

But life goes on.  To the deceased(s), Ifeyinwa says, may their souls rest in peace Amen.  To their families, Ifeyinwa says, "Ndo nu.  Jisi nu ike."

To Uju Ejoh also known as Obianuju Ejoh - keep in touch with Ifeyinwa.

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