Saturday, 30 April 2016

Hi Mr Silent Treatment

How are you?

Are you still  on the Silent Treatment?

I remember the year 1996-

You were giving the Silent Treatment,

because you are afraid to express your true feelings.

You became dishonest in all of your interactions.

You are a professional, having a passion for fashion, but you destroy your proper image by your gift

of giving the Silent Treatment to people.

Silent Treatment never suits your image.  It sends a different message to anyone whose interested in

your name (Making It Happen / html / What's In A Name).

Someone must suffer through your giving of the Silent Treatment in your behaviour towards them.

Forgetting that them are going through their own challenges, and they do express their feelings to make them (be) understood. 

Learn from others Mr Silent Treatment.  You cannot do it alone.  You can do it with help.

Sorry Mr Silent Treatment - I have to go.  Bye.

*Passion for Fashion*