Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Rich And Famous

Obaro Ibru

Somi Nwandu

Somi Nwandu

Let us start this discussion.  Keep this conversation moving on...going. 

The rich and famous keep us watching.  They are called names (Making It Happen / html / What's In A Name).  They keep us interested.  They are never available because ... errrmmm ... they are on the media. 

They are reality television shows.  They are real; they are not real.  They inspire us.  They keep us motivated. 

They go to any lengths to be observed (Making It Happen / html / D.I.V.A.) by their audience. 

Their material acquisitions are very quick and easy to gain - watching them.  Their net worth is their reality.  Their reality shows are not assumptions. 

If you want to see décor - find them on reality television shows (Making It Happen / html / Interior Decoration).  No-one is going to tell you how beautiful their Interior Decorations are.

Divas are expected on reality television shows (Making It Happen / html / Divatude).


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