Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nigerian Women And The Media


Agatha Amata


Would you say the media likes the Nigerian women? 

"They communicate," you say. 

But do they communicate well? 

The media like everyone knows, could be print..television..the internet..the world wide social media..and the media industries. 

What have the media done for the Nigerian women?

The Nigerian women have used the media as a platform for showcasing their talents, abilities and fashion sense. 

But are the Nigerian women media friendly?

Hair business is a big business in the world as the hair business owners and CEO have confirmed by their huge sale of hair. 

But are hair on Nigerian women media friendly?  I'm just asking.

When I say media friendly, I mean, are they known on the media? 

Not only Nigerian media. 

The media is friendly and powerful as well.

But are the Nigerian women friendly and powerful on the media? 

The media could be used as a voice as well to be heard when feeling unheard. 

Are the Nigerian women heard on the media?

I think more could be done in the are of the Nigerian women and the media. 

When I say more, I mean, them being seen on the media; not making the wider audience feel the Nigerian women on the media copy a lot.

They have to come up with their creative imagination:  watch the accent, think about their culture and their dressings; which are a huge presentation. 

Some would say, "do you want me to start tying wrapper sitting in front of the camera?"  It is not a bad idea.

Nigerian women do tie wrapper; not foreign women. 

The idea is for the foreign women to understand the Nigerian women on the media as and being the Nigerian women. 

The topic Nigerian women and the media is for the Nigerian women on the media living in Nigeria. 

There are many Nigerian women on the media.

There are Nigerian women media owners and Nigerian women on the media, but Nigeria is not showing most of the time. 

There are 36 states in Nigeria. 

Different languages and dialects; many times they don't show on the media. 

So how would the wider audience know the Nigerian women?