Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Real Housewives Brand

There are many housewives in Nigeria.  They are really doing well.  Doing a reality television show would be ideal for their doing well.  

The barrier could be some people would say, "culturally Nigerians are not there, or not interested because they don't like such exposure."  

In my opinion, I think it could help businesses in Nigeria because the housewives needs in shopping would be shown and identified.  Helping the businesses to have more customers and clients.  In addition, it would encourage other women who are not on reality television shows to learn more - I think.  

In addition to businesses, it would showcase their day to day activities that are interesting.  Banana Island would have many housewives which is in Lagos.  Independence Layout would have many housewives which is in Enugu.  

Many cities in the state capitals of Nigeria have many housewives which are in many cities in the state capitals of Nigeria.  Their interesting lives would be shown on camera, and probably behind the scenes.  These are my written thoughts.  

I am not negotiating neither am I speaking with any producer or producers.  

Or they could nominate or choose one housewife from each city in the state capitals of Nigeria, and name the brand the real housewives of Nigeria.

In your written thoughts, do you have any nominee housewife to name?  

Okay.  I'm still not a producer or the network.  

I am just saying:  the nominee housewife to name.  

Okay ....