Saturday, 28 May 2016


Ifeyinwa Atuanya

Ifeyinwa Atuanya

Obehi Cas Elabor

Have a wonderful weekend, you all.  Thanks for reading and clicking.  Please continue to do so.  I appreciate all your efforts.  I don't know you all personally, 'cause you haven't commented, but as times go on, you will comment.  Because you love me and I love you all as well. 
 Thank you for believing in IFEYINWA

Dubai Weddings

Weddings in Nigeria are no longer in vogue.  Gone are the days when a couple will get married at the Cathedral and have their receptions at popular hotels like Hotel Presidential, Concorde Owerri, Dannic Hotels, Zodiac Hotels, even Saint Rest Guest House.  And the weddings will be praised as one of the fantastic weddings in town.  Now, if you don't have weddings in Dubai United Arab Emirates, you have not arrived, you have started.
The wedding costs in Dubai are very expensive, but Nigerians will engage in it.  Flight tickets, accommodations, weddings and receptions venues, before and after weddings and parties venues, bridal outfits, bridegrooms co-ordinations, the weddings guests, the weddings organisations:  Everything to do with the weddings taking place in Dubai costs money; serious money. 
Some people would say, "ka emebe go du ya emesia ka anuba garri."  Going into debts to have weddings in Dubai is foolish.  For Bible readers, remember the story of the ten virgins.  It's good to spend money on nice things when you can afford the nice things.  Some people would say it's because I'm not married so I'll not understand.  Maybe the some people did not consult a financial planner before getting married in Dubai.  We all know there's a financial planner and a wedding planner.
Ifeyinwa can advise you.  Contact her:  If your wedding budget is five hundred thousand Naira, for example, you can have a beautiful wedding in any of the states in Nigeria.  You can have a tailor make your wedding gowns.  A stylist can put your wedding trains together.  There are fantastic make - up artists living in Nigeria.  The grooms and grooms - men, there are tailors who make fantastic suits, safaris, babarigas and agbadas.  Flower arrangements:  People grow flowers in their gardens.  Hibiscus is quite popular.  The cakes?  Oh My God!!!!!  There are cakes makers and bakers everywhere in Nigeria.  If you can't afford tents, you use canopies.  Chairs have always being hired in Nigeria.  Drinks?  Hmmmm:  Cartons and cartons and cartons and cartons of beers, Gulder, stouts, "hot drinks," Schnapps, wines made in Nigeria.
Anambra state is popular for making wines and other drinks.  You want to hire Limo for your weddings?  Then people living in less popular states in Nigeria should start thinking of how to start the Limo automobiles hiring services in their less popular states.
If you want Dubai weddings, you would have to have millions of Naira.  And you may not be able to borrow millions of Naira to have the Dubai weddings.  Because some times, it's borrowed money.  Some times, it's hard - earned cash, money saved up.
Did I forget to mention foods served at weddings?  You don't want to eat food served at weddings you can't pronounce their names and you don't like the tastes.  Foods like Escargots, Fillet Mignon, for example.  Nigerians like their garri and soups, Jollof rice, beans, yams and assorted meats, then chicken.  Then, Nigerians have what are called snacks - let's be real here.  Because Nigerian foods are filling, they fill you up, for Nigerians.
Music.  Any Nigerian music artists can play at your weddings.  Or you can go older, hire a DJ.  It could be a radio DJ or a club DJ or just a DJ.  Still going older, you can use your own sound systems, providing your own music.  For MC's at weddings venues, you can hire an MC you can afford their costs.
But happy weddings at Dubai.  And happy weddings in Nigeria. 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Being A Nigerian

I have never claimed and don't claim to be Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, 
Stella Dimoko Korkus
Stella Dimoko Korkus - these are the top bloggers and website owner in Nigeria.

There are many other bloggers and website owners in Nigeria.

The Romeo And Juliet

Where are the Romeo
Joseph Benjamin
Joseph Benjamin, Kalu Ikeagwu, Rykador Agbor, Fred Amata, Yemi Blaq, Desmond Elliott, do they still act in the Nollywood movie industry?

Lynxxx the Nigerian singer has a new single.  He's supposed to be a Romeo, but he doesn't act, he sings.

The Nigerian Juliet are Genevieve Nnaji, Stephanie Okereke Linus,
Ini Edo
Ini Edo, Omotala Jalade Ekeinde, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Ene Miltex Ogiri, Lilian Bach, Sandra Achums.  

If I have left out any known Nigerian Romeo and Juliet in the Nigerian movie industry, please let me know.

Ice Prince Zamani
Ice Prince Zamani, does he still perform?

Yung Sixx is funny in his lyrics.

Runtown is in love with Versace.

And how was your week?

Thursday, 26 May 2016


I tried my hands in screenwriting at the University of East London Great Britain.  I did not pass the module.  My tutor at the time told me to have three characters only, I had four.I felt I had to have four.  If you are a screenwriting expert, would like to buy my efforts made in screenwriting?  

MS2201 – ScreenWriting

Jeremiah Ogbodo

Any relative of Nguzo Ogbodo?  Any relative of Uche Ogbodo the Nigerian Actress?  Did any of his relative be in Primary 6 in 1986 at Ekulu Primary School Enugu Nigeria?

Jeremiah Ogbodo is known as Swanky Jerry the stylist to Nigerian celebrities living in Lagos.
Swanky Jerry and Juliet Ibrahim

Are you going to style celebrities living in Enugu, Jeremiah Ogbodo?  Do you collaborate with Uche Nnaji?

You have a passion for styling, it's good.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Communication with Angie Cruz the Latina Author

Dear readers, I read the book let it rain coffee by Angie Cruz. I found the book enjoyable to read and I sent Angie Cruz an email and she replied.  Here below are mine written thoughts to her and her response also.

 Hello Angie Cruz,

 I read your book "Let It Rain Coffee" it is

 fantastic and inspiring.  The characters, Don Chan,

 Santo, Esperanza, Hush, Dallas, Caridad, Miraluz, Mr

 and Mrs Hernandez, Bobby, Consuelo are all kind of

 intertwined.  How?  By their life stories, how they

 evolved through deaths and births, in their search

 for something, found something greater; my typical

 example would be Esperanza and Miraluz; very similar

 yet different.  Hush played a huge significance in

 the lives of Santo's family.  Her presence in their

 lives enabled lots of changes.  Inshort the book is

 just too awesome.  You did an awesome job, i would


 As a person of African descent.  Nigerian origin to

 be precise.  You brought to life what i can identify

 with in terms of struggle, enlightenment,

 forgiveness, questions and answers through your

 characters, the only difference is the origin being

 Dominican Republic (D.R.).  

 I can't wait to read Soledad.  I pray that i would

 locate it in my local library in London cause that

 is where i found, Let It Rain Coffee; Newham Library

 to be precise.  I have to go now.  Hope to hear from

 you and if not.  Keep on keeping on with your books.

 Take care now and all the best.

 Ifeyinwa (Ify) Atuanya.

Angie Cruz

Dear Ify,

Thank you for your letter and encouraging words.

Especially at this moment while I am writing my third

novel. As a writer there are always moments of doubts
and letters like yours remind me why I should
In sisterhood,

Song By Oby Obiageli Nnaji

Oby Obiageli Nnaji attended Girls High School Awkunanaw.  She is a Nigerian.  I think she's from Nkanu in Enugu State.  

Her song is: 
 "Tribalism steering to fall apart

satism steering to fall apart

jajajaja to love one another

pray God to help us to love one another

pray God to help us to love one another"

Obianuju Uju Ejoh

I remember her.  She attended Queens School Enugu.  Yesterday May the 23rd was her birthday.  

Obianuju Uju Ejoh is a babe.  Rita Adams is her friend, probably Adanne Obikpo but I'm not sure.

Uju Ejoh is someone when she hears something pleasant and unpleasant about you from others, as a friend she tells you and waits for your answer or response.  Unlike others who will believe the pleasant and unpleasant, using them against you, whilst claiming you have the problem.  My readers in your opinion, who has the problem?

Obianuju Uju Ejoh's dad passed away in 1996, I visited her at Awka to commiserate with her on her father's death.  

The late Efuru Nzeribe was her cousin.  I visited Efuru with Uju at Efuru's mum's place in Enugu.  We really had a nice conversation.  May Efuru's soul rest in peace.

Obianuju Uju Ejoh attended IMT Enugu.  She studied Mass Communication.  Her sister Oby is a very nice lady.

The last time I saw Uju Ejoh was in 1996.  Uju has another friend called Ngozi.  

Obianuju Uju Ejoh is quiet and outspoken as well and she smiles a lot.  I have been to IMT Enugu when she was a student there to see her.  The same day we met Uche Eluke aka DJ Tiko on IMT Enugu campus grounds.  Enugu presenters are pleasant when you meet them in real life.

I really had fun times with Uju.  So many fun times with Uju stories to tell - but I have to wait until I catch up with Uju after so many years.

Uju Ejoh, izuu ka emeee.  

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Fan Treatment

In the entertainment business in Nigeria, there are so many performers.  But few of them are gracious.  In my opinion the gracious ones are:  Mr Raw Nwanne,

Mr Raw Nwanne

Ngozi Chukwurah Alexandra Anyaehie

I remember her.  We both attended Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State in 1990.  

In the same 1990 I have been to her parents house at Enugu - visiting.  In 1990 or 1991, me, Ngozi and Chineze Eziako

Chineze Eziako

visited a photography studio to take pictures together at Enugu.  In 1990 or 1991, Ngozi Chukwurah Alexandra Anyaehie has been to Ukpor Close.

I visited her parents house at Awka in 1997 but she had travelled to the United kingdom.

But before 1997, she has been to Nwandu Estate to visit me.  

In 1998, I went to see her at Wembley.

In 2000, she came to see me at Credon Road.

Between 1998 and 2000, I have been to see her Aunty Chinwe at East London with her.

Went to Woking with her to see her friends.  

Went to a high street store with her to buy some clothing.  

Met her sister Nwamaka Chukwurah when she visited London.

In 2002, Ngozi Chukwurah Alexandra Anyaehie told me on the phone she was getting married in Nigeria.  But before 2002, we had gone to a shop in Croydon to look at some bridal wears; I think.

The last time I saw Ngozi Chukwurah Alexandra Anyaehie LIVE was in 2003 at East London.

The rest of the years until 2009, I have spoken to Ngozi Chukwurah Alexandra Anyaehie on the phone and social media.

Emilian Emily Okibe

She is now known as Emily Okibe Echebi

I remember her.  

She lived at Enugu.  

Attended Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State.  She was a year below me at Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State.  

In school then, she was a big chick and still is.  

Oby was her friend in secondary school.

In secondary school which was in 1992, she "dashed" me ten naira just like Ngozi Chukwurah "dashed" me twenty naira in 1990 at the same Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State.

Emilian Emily Okibe is very tall.  She has an impressive height.

Emily Okibe, take care.


She's known as Ada Enugu.  I don't know her personally.  She was once in a girl group and her producer was Dekumzy.  I heard these.

I have listened to her songs:  "Ka'nyi jewe Enugu," "Kerenke."  She has a fantastic voice.  I think the kerenke is from "Obi kererenke, Obi gbara aji n'obi."  

She's such a pretty girl judging by her pictures and she could rap as well because she's a good rapper.  She could collaborate with Waje, Tiwa Savage, Omawumi, Anita Joseph, Seyi Shay, Emma Nyra, Sasha.

Tiwa Savage

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ifeyinwa And Edee Beau

Coming back from work training sometime, I walked past Edee Beau's place and I saw her right in front of her workplace. 

She was sitting in her car about to drive off. 

I was so excited to see her, that I knocked on her car window of the passenger seat. 

She wound down and I said to her, "you are Edee Beau," and she answered yes.

I said, "I must surely take a photograph with you today but I don't have my camera with me." 

Edee Beau said, "no problem," that she has her phone camera that she could use to take our photographs together. 

These are the photographs.

Edee Beau and Ifeyinwa

The pictures are not clear for some reason.  Edee Beau is very pretty in real life.  And she is gracious and has very clear skin.

Edee Beau, if you are reading, thank you for the kind gesture.

To Former Secondary School Mates

Irene Bernard
Queeneth Ngonadi

Girls High School Awkunanaw Enugu and Saint Cyprian's Special School Nsukka Enugu State former students who remember Ifeyinwa, I await your visit, read and comment please.

Uche Oboka Nwosu, Uche Juliet Ehirinne, Irene Bernard the blogger, Ebere Ugbor Onyebuchi, Nguzo Ogbodo, Chikaodili Obianuju Ukenye, Ijeoma Isiofia, Queeneth Ngonadi, Nnenna Lilian Ezeugwu, girls ofu obi, and the rest, thank you as you do so.

Nigerian Female Comedians

For Nigerians living in Nigeria, this is an opinion poll.  For all the Nigerian female comedians living in Nigeria, who is the best?

There are Mandy, Lepacious Bose, Chigurl and Helen Paul.

Helen Paul

Lepacious Bose


Amongst the four, who has the highest number of audience?  Who makes everyone laugh hard?  Who has the highest number of ticket sales?  Who is the best female comedian living in Nigeria?

After the opinion poll, I am not giving out gifts or giving out awards.

I believe it's time the female comedians living in Nigeria are recognised and appreciated.

That's why I am taking the poll.