Friday, 27 May 2016

Being A Nigerian

I have never claimed, and don't claim to be Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, 
Stella Dimoko Korkus
Stella Dimoko Korkus - these are the top bloggers and website owner in Nigeria.

There are many other bloggers and website owners in Nigeria.

Everyone is doing their thing and I am learning, doing my thing.

Sarah Ofili
Sarah Ofili is a beauty blogger.  She hasn't blogged in a very long while.  When she was blogging, she won an award for her blog.

Maestro's Media Aka Aloba is a blogger.  Niyi Tabiti is a blogger.  Kemi Filani is a blogger, 
That, Laila Ikeji, Yeoal, The blogger that wrote about Lilian Unachukwu, the blogger that wrote about Bob - Manuel Udokwu's wife's death, Nairaland,, so many bloggers and website owners in Nigeria.

Some of them respond to their readers comments and some of them don't.  The ones that are consistent with their blogging are interesting to read, and probably comment.

Anyway I'm digressing.

Tiwa Savage is signed on to Roc A Wear management.  Tiwa Savage, congratulations. Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian singer.  She attended the University of Berkeley California USA to study music.  She performed on the X factor but didn't win.  She wrote a song for Fantasia the American singer and Tiwa Savage has publishing rights.  She prefers performing with the male singers. Maybe it's one of her strengths.  Tiwa Savage was once a back up singer, backing vocalist for Mary Jane Blige.  

I am digressing again, Waje, you have a good voice.  I am asking you again, please when are you going to do a gospel Album with your singing friends?  Going back to church. Maybe church is calling you back.

Waje performs better with rappers when she does a collaboration.  The song "I'm so inspired" by Waje featuring Muna is testament to Waje's performance in collaboration.

Omawumi is Madam Pidgin English.  She's a smart lady.  She doesn't pretend to be who she's not.  Her song with Flavour "Bottom Belle" is good.  Her song with Phyno "Chukwu m na enyeeee" is fantastic.

The ladies, Tiwa Savage, Waje and Omawumi's voices are similar in range and pitch.  So when they collaborate, there's not any harmony . . . harmonising.

Esse Agesse
Esse Agesse "Back To The Basics" in the late 80s was It.  
Wunmi Aboderin
Wunmi Aboderin was one of her dancers in the music video.  I read (red) she performed on the X factor but didn't win.  What's Esse Agesse up to these days?  Any collaboration with the younger ladies?  Maybe Kingsley Ogoro will produce again, because "Back To The Basics" is a classic hit.

Many Nigerian women singers don't perform anymore.  Women singers like Oby Onyioha, Vera Ifudu, Dora Ifudu, Stella Monye, Mandy Ojugbana, Veno Marioghe, 
Uche Ibeto
Uche Ibeto, Camilla Mberekpe, Kween and so on.  I hope they perform again, maybe collaborating with the younger female singers.  If they need producers, 
Kingsley Ogoro
Kingsley Ogoro, Phyno, 
Dekumzy, and other producers that are interested in producing their songs will be involved in their project.

Being a Nigerian is interesting, just like being from another country.  

Someone must have their country of origin.