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I tried my hands in screenwriting at the University of East London Great Britain.  

I did not pass the module.  

My tutor at the time told me to have three characters only, I had four.I felt I had to have four.  

If you are a screenwriting expert, would like to buy my efforts made in screenwriting?  

MS2201 – ScreenWriting

INT – In the flat – Same day - AM

A four bedroom flat with a large airy living room with large windows located somewhere

Chanelle: My hair is not working for me today.  I think I have to add more mousse to it making it curly.  (Hands in mid air turning to face LaTonya).

LaTonya: That will make your weave look like a bee – hive. (laughing)

Standing at the bedroom door hands on her hips having a set expression

Tracie:  What do you think of my shoes  (looking down) hmmn …

LaTonya:  (fixed attention) They are nice … white with polka dots … and a green sleeveless dress with a black waist sash … why not try the black open toe pumps with the green bow at the back … looks better with the dress.  (winking)

Still standing at the door; hesitant, then walked into the bedroom to sit on a plush red armchair; legs crossed.

Chanelle:  (Still facing the mirror, working her hair) Have you seen Lillian today? … she is not out with the “I’m only 5 feet 2 inches tall but I walk and act like a 6 feet plus kind of guy …

LaTonya:  Talk about confidence (smiling)

Chanelle:  Confidence! … you say … that’s more like arrogance to me__

Tracie:  You would say that babes, because you’ve never liked him.

Unaware that Lillian was standing at the door listening.

Lillian:  All the better … good riddance to bad rubbish.  (Walking into the bedroom, standing at the centre) … No offence taken, though

The four simultaneously burst out laughing.

INT - In the kitchen – Same day – PM

Tracie:  (fidgeting with the coffee maker) How do you work this thing … (turning to face Lillian cutting up carrots at the table) I have been struggling with it, naughty thing. (Smiling). 

Lillian:  (Stopping the cutting, putting knife down)

Walking over to Tracie and standing beside her.

Lillian:  You are something else, really.  (Left hand on top of the coffee maker and right hand touching the knobs).  See … here, I have fixed it.  So … how much do you pay me__

Tracie:  Yeah right!  Like I owe you or something__

Lillian:  Yeah!  Like you owe me or something

Both bursting out laughing

In the kitchen – At the table – Same day

Lillian:  Does it look like I have gained weight (standing, doing a right about turn, to face Tracie).

Tracie:  (Lifting up head from the mug) I’m not sure … you know … you’ve always been a big girl to me … in size … you know … no offence__

Lillian:  None taken.  But seriously I think I have gained weight because the scales are telling me something totally different from I what I expected.

Sitting down, facing Tracie

Tracie:  (Hands folded under the table, rapt expression) What awere you expecting?

Lillian:  I don’t know something__

Tracie:  Something like I have lost about 2 stone.  And I hardly see you exercise or watch what you eat.

Tracie:  (taking a deep breath) Well in my own opinion, if you are considering loosing weight … sweetheart … I would suggest for starters … honey … watching what you eat … no midnight snacking … eating sensibly … in terms of consuming nutritious meals and exercise!

Lillian makes a face

Tracie:  See!  I have got you there!

Lillian:  Exercises are quite wearisome, tiresome, I tell you!

Tracie:  (Chuckling) Nothing is ever easy … sweetheart … speaking of who … Have you seen Chanelle?  We are supposed to go to the grocery store together.

Lillian:  With Chanelle?  So when did you start shopping together … or am I missing something?

Tracie:  (Smiling) No! You are not, as a matter of fact, it is something we have taken into consideration and have agreed to every now and then__

Lillian:  (Leaning towards Tracie, whispering conspiratorially) Like no more arguments, and shouting over each other …

Tracie:  People grow … you know … and girls … women … ladies … do just that__

Checking her watch

Tracie:  She is taking much longer than is expected.  I have to go find out what she is up to … my coffee’s cold.

She takes mug to the skin, draining it, and rinsing it out to put it back on the rack.

INT – Living Room – Same day – PM

Chanelle’s eyes are glued to the television screen

Tracie:  Chanelle! You hoo! … are we still going?

Chanelle:  (Turning to face Tracie) If I may … ask? …

Tracie:  To the mall … sweetie … don’t make me over there and get you off the sofa (smiling)

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