Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bella Naija

Mrs Uche Eze Pedro

Aka Mrs Uche Eze Pedro.  Is a phenomenon. She's a website owner and has been on Africa Forbes list of wealthy women under 30.

These are facts.  

I'm no family member.  

Bella Naija has a blog as well www.bellanaija.blogspot.com  .  She started in 2006.  I visited in 2007.  Then she was having problems with her template. Her focus was fashion in South Africa.  

I became a reader of www.bellanaija.blogspot.com in 2007 and commented many times.

She had friends like errrmmm LadyBrille, Bobby Taylor before she changed her name to Bukki (Making It Happen / html / Bleaching Our Skin), Adaure Achumba, That Igbo chick or girl, Kpakpando, Icy PR, (Please help me out with names you remember).
www.BellaNaija.com became a reality after 2007.

Bella Naija Aka Mrs Uche Eze Pedro, visit my blog www.ifeosa.blogspot.com, read and comment, please.  I'm not sure of the statistics of your website, and I have heard that it is mainly diasporans that visit and read your website contents.

Diasporans:  It is a lot.

Well done.  

Bella Naija, I deserve for my blog www.ifeosa.blogspot.com to be advertised on www.bellanaija.com for free.

I am serious.  

Did I forget to mention that Bella Naija Aka Mrs Uche Eze Pedro is a good photographer. She's just modest.

Her personality just doesn't shine.  

To my blog readers, thank you for visiting and reading.