Monday, 16 May 2016

Uchenna Frielly Ubah

We both attended Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State. 

Uchenna Frielly Ubah is a good person in my opinion. 

Her husband is one of the Ubahs.
Uchenna Frielly Ubah saw me at Artizan market area when my dad died in 1997, she greeted me for my loss.  Unlike others that acted as if they didn't hear and don't want to know.  Uchenna Frielly Ubah, thank you for the mmgbalu.
She has been to Walt Disney Orlando Florida.  She is a bigger chick, like they would say in Nigeria.
Uchenna Frielly Ubah, my regards to Chioma Onyeiwu, I remember her from Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State.
Uchenna Frielly Ubah is on Facebook:  www.Facebook/uchennafriellyubah