Tuesday, 3 May 2016


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DivaScribe is owned by Adaobi Iwenofu.  

Diva Scribe is an online magazine. 

I remember Adaobi Iwenofu from Trans Ekulu Girls Secondary School, that is not the secondary school I attended though.  

I don't remember Adaobi Iwenofu from Ekulu Primary School which I attended.  

Her friends at New - Haven Enugu were Nkechi Odia and Ngozi Okocha.  

Malobi Ochei, Ebele Okolo and Onochie Okolo are and were her cousins.

I have been to her mum's place that she lived at New - Haven Enugu with many times.  

Adaobi Iwenofu did not hang out too much, except with her friends.  

The rest of the time, according to her, she stayed at home.  

But she liked manicuring her fingers.  

She did cook which is typical of teenagers living with their mums at Enugu.  

She did sketch fashion pieces a lot.

The last time I saw her in Nigeria was in 1995.  

In Nigeria then; I never saw her with Ifeoma Obiozor and Ebele Uzodinma.  

But with Nkechi, not Okocha and Ngozi Okocha.  

I don't remember seeing her with Nkiru Igah at the time.

I have seen her dad's house at Obosi when I attended Ebele Okolo's dad's burial at Obosi in 1991.  

So all in all, I can say, that I have known Adaobi Iwenofu in Nigeria for a few years.