Monday, 16 May 2016

How Love Has Changed Me

"Love has changed me 'cause, "perfect love casteth out fear"

Love has enabled me let go of what's unimportant for what's important

It edifies me, builds me up, energises, helps and assists me
Love has steered it's course rightly in my life lifting me up higher like an edifice

Love holds me up as I soar like an eagle, as the winds cannot keep me down because of love.

Love - God's love in me is everlasting it cannot be taken away even when tried

Love in me is awesome as it is not blind and can see brightly and clearly

Oh! How great is this love and because of it - I am changed"

Ifeyinwa wrote this poem in 2008.  It was published on Ladybrille Blogazine online magazine.  I won a CD prize.  The CD is songs by Kaysha the singer.  

Those times were fun.

Ifeyinwa is asking, how has love changed you?