Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Communication with Angie Cruz the Latina Author

Dear readers, I read the book let it rain coffee by Angie Cruz. I found the book enjoyable to read and I sent Angie Cruz an email and she replied.  Here below are mine written thoughts to her and her response also.

 Hello Angie Cruz,

 I read your book "Let It Rain Coffee" it is

 fantastic and inspiring.  The characters, Don Chan,

 Santo, Esperanza, Hush, Dallas, Caridad, Miraluz, Mr

 and Mrs Hernandez, Bobby, Consuelo are all kind of

 intertwined.  How?  By their life stories, how they

 evolved through deaths and births, in their search

 for something, found something greater; my typical

 example would be Esperanza and Miraluz; very similar

 yet different.  Hush played a huge significance in

 the lives of Santo's family.  Her presence in their

 lives enabled lots of changes.  Inshort the book is

 just too awesome.  You did an awesome job, i would


 As a person of African descent.  Nigerian origin to

 be precise.  You brought to life what i can identify

 with in terms of struggle, enlightenment,

 forgiveness, questions and answers through your

 characters, the only difference is the origin being

 Dominican Republic (D.R.).  

 I can't wait to read Soledad.  I pray that i would

 locate it in my local library in London cause that

 is where i found, Let It Rain Coffee; Newham Library

 to be precise.  I have to go now.  Hope to hear from

 you and if not.  Keep on keeping on with your books.

 Take care now and all the best.

 Ifeyinwa (Ify) Atuanya.

Angie Cruz

Dear Ify,

Thank you for your letter and encouraging words.

Especially at this moment while I am writing my third

novel. As a writer there are always moments of doubts
and letters like yours remind me why I should
In sisterhood,