Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ifeyinwa And Edee Beau

Coming back from work training sometime, I walked past Edee Beau's place and I saw her right in front of her workplace

She was sitting in her car about to drive off. 

I was so excited to see her, that I knocked on her car window of the passenger seat. 

She wound down and I said to her, "you are Edee Beau," and she answered yes.

I said, "I must surely take a photograph with you today but I don't have my camera with me." 

Edee Beau said, "no problem," that she has her phone camera that she could use to take our photographs together. 

These are the photographs.

Edee Beau and Ifeyinwa

The pictures are not clear for some reason.
Edee Beau is very pretty in real life

And she is gracious and has very clear skin.

Edee Beau, if you are reading, thank you for the kind gesture.