Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Obianuju Uju Ejoh

I remember her.  

She attended Queens School Enugu.  

Yesterday May the 23rd was her birthday.  

Obianuju Uju Ejoh is a babe.  

Rita Adams is her friend, probably Adanne Obikpo but I'm not sure.

Uju Ejoh is someone when she hears something pleasant and unpleasant about you from others, as a friend she tells you and waits for your answer or response.  

Unlike others who will believe the pleasant and unpleasant, using them against you, whilst claiming you have the problem.  

My readers in your opinion, who has the problem?

Obianuju Uju Ejoh's dad passed away in 1996, I visited her at Awka to commiserate with her on her father's death.  

The late Efuru Nzeribe was her cousin.  I visited Efuru with Uju at Efuru's mum's place in Enugu.  We really had a nice conversation.

May Efuru's soul rest in peace.

Obianuju Uju Ejoh attended IMT Enugu.  She studied Mass Communication.  

Her sister Oby is a very nice lady.

The last time I saw Uju Ejoh was in 1996.

Uju has another friend called Ngozi.  

Obianuju Uju Ejoh is quiet and outspoken as well and she smiles a lot.  

I have been to IMT Enugu when she was a student there to see her.  The same day we met Uche Eluke aka DJ Tiko on IMT Enugu campus grounds.  

Enugu presenters are pleasant when you meet them in real life.

I really had fun times with Uju.  

So many fun times with Uju stories to tell - but I have to wait until I catch up with Uju after so many years.

Uju Ejoh, izuu ka emeee.