Wednesday, 24 May 2017

"Funke Adesiyan Speaks Out Against ‘Social Media Mourner’ Celebrities After Moji Olaiya’s Death" - Www.BellaNaija.Com

Bella Naija

Life is funny, dear Funke Adesiyan

I have been asking to be deported back to Nigeria

So that I can go to farm, and earn money to eat

I am 42 years old

No husband  No children

People are asking me to stay back in Great Britain

Stay back in Great Britain, and do what?

Everybody's life is not the same

Those people you are talking about; have been working long enough to help and assist your deceased colleague and friend

I have debts that I am supposed to be paying off in Great Britain

I am living in Great Britain at the moment, but to pay off the debts has become a problem

Because the benefits money I receive is not enough for me to eat, talk less of paying off my debts

Makana onye ji ugwo ga akwu ugwo o ji

But I believe that when they deport me back to Nigeria, getting a job on a farm will not be difficult, and the salary that I will be receiving - out of the salary,

I can be paying my debts off instalmentally through the British Council and or the British Embassy - all in Nigeria

And if they feel that they can add the deportation fees to the debts I am owing them, to be paid off instalmentally, that is not a bad idea too

All the Nigerian blogs, please petition for me to be deported back to Nigeria

Thank you