Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Between Kim And Jackie

KKW Beauty Review: "For some reason it wouldn’t let me tag Jackie (Aina's) name" - Kim Kardashian
According to:  
"......Jackie had also responded to the move by Kim.
She took to Instagram live to address the issue;
I just gave some really constructive feedback about the product. I didn’t glorify the product in my review, but I also didn’t bash it. Kim puts up a picture on Instagram of everyone who came to the launch, literally everybody who came to the launch and tagged everyone but me. Is it shadier to not put up a picture at all, or to put the picture up and to not tag the one person? She knew what she was doing. Did I think it was shady? Absolutely. Was it worth attacking her? Not necessarily."

Kim, in a series of tweets, explained what had happened:
"I just saw a story saying I intentionally didn’t tag in a pic I posted on Instagram because of a review she did about my line.

I would never post someone’s pic on my page and then intentionally not tag them.

When I uploaded the album I was tagging everyone that came to the party and for some reason it wouldn’t let me tag Jackie’s name.

I figured I would just try again later, but then I realized you can’t add tags after the album is posted!

I hung out with in my home and she was super sweet!!

I love that she has an opinion and I’ll take what she said and use it to better my products.

Honestly, I’m so thankful to everyone who is giving me feedback on my beauty products & I love hearing what everyone loves, and doesn’t love.

So , can you change it so that you can tag people in galleries after they are posted, so I can avoid this issue in the future?"