Wednesday, 28 June 2017

""Jyoti Matharoo Tells Troll On Instagram ''Nigerian Men Have Short Memories,Have Passports And They Travel And So Do I''"" - Www.StellaDimokoKorkus.Com

I thought the case has been closed? 
Hmmmmm  IFEYINWA is not married.  Some people have married men funding their lifestyle.  Why is IFEYINWA not married?  Please readers, help IFEYINWA answer the question, thank you
According to: 
"Jyoti posted a photo of her and a man whose face was not showing and Trolls went after her and need to read what her replies were...
She says Nigerian Hoes are begging her for her left overs and ask Nigerian wives to see who their men are sending monies to.....OOPS!"

IFEYINWA did not publish the picture, but the picture was taken at Montego Bay
Please how many Nigerian married women have been to Montego Bay?
Why is that, sometimes, Nigerian married men allow others to insult their wives, without cautioning the insulters of their wives?
Here is one of Jyoti Matharoo's conversation with a Nigerian female:  below: