Thursday, 27 July 2017

He Has Been Called An Arrogant Fellow What Do You Think

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"Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has just defined the word 'STYLE' the way he understands it and it's a beautifully worded and intelligently written piece.
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Jim Iyke Esomugha
Whether I'm rocking an overpriced jacket on the streets of champs elysees or rocking rubber flip flops soaking up the adulation of the street in the slums of kibera, it matters none. Unshaven for weeks with morning breathe rocking a palm oil stained old tee telling bad jokes with my sisters in my man cave or well groomed in handmade rare leather loafers makes no difference. It changes nothing. 

I am the confluence of global cultural diversity. I've meticulously and resiliently self tutored its complexity into my DNA by trial and error. The originality is singular only the substance is duplicable. God tailored my  entirety for one entity; ME.
Jim Iyke Esomugha
It's a comprise far from not only what you wear. It is how you think. Your principles. Your choices; costs and effects. Your idiosyncrasy. It's in the roots imbibed by the man that sired you and men that mentored you. 

Everything else around me is an Accessory. I am the essence. I give it life. No brand, address, tribe, race, religion, creed, or ideology can define me. God created me this way eternities before my birth. 

I cannot pretend to be anything else even if I wanted to. I've tried and failed woefully in the past. I am ridiculously comfortable and apt being me. Rules become inapplicable, even redundant. It's an attitude. A way of life. 
Jim Iyke Esomugha
Perception is the window. It's orchestrated conditioning to misinform you by disinforming you. Find your purpose and be informed. It is your open weapon. I know people with $100 dollars budget walk into a room and everything stand still. I've seen people with $100k budget that make it look like a painful process and what is more cant hold a convo with a smart 8 year old. 

It can't be bought. It is and will always be priceless. Once you've figured out this truth, you will strive for a reach beyond your grasp. A consciousness and profound understanding of self. It is the mastery of your space. Your individuality. Your flair. It's in all of us whether dormant or dominant. 
Find it. Train it. Fail it. Win it. Own it. Ostracize it. 

 This is STYLE. This is how I understand it.

Now how friggin DOPE is that!"