Saturday, 25 February 2017


What do you think?

"""“No marriage is perfect but mine was based on Gross Lies, Deceit, Scam & many more Darkness” – Tonto Dikeh speaks on her Marriage""" on Here are my comments: @Paul Adeyemo, i would rather be called a gold digger because Nigerian men would not allow me be who I am to get my deserving money Do you live in Nigeria at all? Heiiiiiiiiii Nigerian women go to church o Is it the domestic violence? Heiiiii Is it the sl****** with your friends that are females? The house maid ma will talk to you in a very useless way because she knows Oga You can't go out For them, go to where? Is it some of the Nigerian men's family members? They are married to you, of course Infact, you can't be an adult married to a Nigerian man You will be treated like a maltreated child Good luck to the Korean woman
@AceOfSpades, what are you saying?

do you need a job from Linda Ikeji? Or Mrs Folurunsho Alakija is your aunty? Or you have female relatives that work in banks? What inequality? Are you a female minister? Are you a top female government official?

If I need money and you can't provide the money, I don't think it is any of your business

And FYI, I don't live in Nigeria at the moment In the country that I am living in at the moment I am currently on their benefits - you know, welfare dole I hope it makes sense to you Has that answered your question on how I can't get my own money in Nigeria

So, are you a Mr Miss Ms Mrs Reverend Bishop or 

Please "do not judge so that you will not be judged"