Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I want to talk about Banky Wellington's love life. 

It is none of my business anyway. 

But I just have to talk about it. 

Banky W is over 21. 

He is not married. 

I read (red) that he is or was in a relationship with Andrea

He is rumoured to be going out with Niyola.
Would Banky Wellington be interested in going out with Anita Joseph - the Nigerian singer and actress?
As you all know, I have been called names.
But today, it is about a good man finding what he deserves

All single women are good. 

Banky Wellington's friends are all married. 

He is the only single one. 

He is getting older and not younger. 
I want him to be married. 

Okwa by force. 
After reading this, you'll know I'm not a family member.