Thursday, 23 February 2017

Endure Your Gifts

Please if you are interested in reading what i am writing; please if you don't like children, please don't have them. if you visit ; seeing the number of pictures of children that have been molested or physically abused - kai, it is worrying. 
How can an adult or adults beat up a child or children as if they are in the same age category with the child or children. Call the child or children evil, when the adult or adults gave birth to them. 
Tomorrow..., they will say to you, yes, they are fathers and mothers, yet; that can't love their children and be patient with them. They are always in a hurry for the child or children to grow up. 
Please this hypocrisy of having children when you know you don't want them, must stop. You can marry if you want to. But if you don't want children, just say, a lot of people will understand. Than, having children and killing them slowly. 
Hei!!!!!!!! Or if you have them and you can't love them, rather you spend time molesting and physically abusing them, just pack their bags and send them to someone that likes them and would not mind raising them as their own. 
The world is developed now. Stop saying, "what would they think?" because you are supposed to have children, now that you are married. Many people don't remember each other these days, they claim, because too many problems. 
Stop this I must be like the other in terms, of bearing children you don't want. Find a man or woman that understands that you don't want children. 
Stop hindering people from experiencing happiness. The bible says, "suffer not the children to come unto me and theirs is the kingdom of Heaven or God." 
When I read of women especially, molesting and physically assaulting their own children, I say, "tufiakwa"