Friday, 3 March 2017

"Meet The 2016/17 Recipients Of My N10m 'I'd Rather Be Selfmade' Project (Photos)" - Www.LindaIkejisBlog.Com

I said that I like the 4th picture.  Linda Ikeji is not on the same level with me.  So; for anyone that thinks we are in a competition, is getting it very wrong. 
You hear stories of people whether good or bad - you believe what you want to believe.
I have asked Linda Ikeji in 2012 on the phone when she visited London for the Olympics, she was staying at The Hilton.  I asked her if she can help me with my blog, to guide me on how to blog better, and earn money from adverts like herself, she asked me, "do you still blog?"  Linda, what does that mean?
You know, if you feel like you have known someone for many years, you wouldn't find it difficult to ask them for help or assistance. 
I started visiting Linda Ikejis blog since 2007 - so I feel like I know  her, but I don't think I know her. 
Every help and assistance I have asked of her, she has ignored and declined to help and assist.  But the bible says, "the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit."  I cannot hate whoever does not wish to help and assist me because it is their money.  It is not mine money. 
People help who they want to help.  

I have always being happy for Linda.  I have never been jealous of her.  
She chooses to help girls from a certain age group and bracket, and they are young girls.
Which is good. 
She has been reporting on her blog on how far she has gone with her generosity, in terms, of money giving.  But I'm not sure if she gives to girls from other countries that is not Nigeria.  
You may have to contact Linda Ikeji to find out more, if you are interested in her giving money to girls in different countries.
Here is a picture of what she has done so far;
Linda Ikeji

I have been told Linda helps people that her friends, and I am not her friend, that is why she has not helped me.
I understand.  I choose to write what I have written.  

So; next time