Friday, 10 March 2017

"""“Why Are Nigerian Women So Quick To Curse At Their Fellow Woman…? Why Cause A Fellow Sister Pain?” – Nollywood Actress Georgina Onuoha Writes""" On Www.BellaNaija.Com

Here are my comments: 
why can't Nigerian men start marrying more than one wife? Than, marrying one wife and having many mistresses in different age categories outside of their matrimonial homes - it is a suggestion.
Because some men are not content with just marrying one wife - you see them outside, their eyes are roving at other women.
Sometimes, love is not always enough in marriages. I'm sorry to say. And it is even worse, when a man marries a woman he never liked in the first place.
And some men are not affectionate, that doesn't mean; he doesn't love you.
He expresses his love by buying you gifts when he sees those material things on other women that looks good, having those material things. 
Some men enjoy female companies, that doesn't mean he is a womaniser, he just wants to learn from the female companies.
In life, I think, women should have a type, stick with the type and marry the type.
In Nigeria, "he wasn't what I was looking for when I married him," is not always good for many married Nigerian women living in Nigeria.
Some in the higher institutions had boyfriends they thought they would marry, but abandoned them and married rich men, that later treated them badly.

Because to marry a rich man, he has to want you; the woman, not because you; the woman fought other women out of his life, and married him.
Because what is not yours, is not yours.
I am not married. I want to be married, but I cannot marry for love because I am over 40 in age. 
But I can buy a husband that will give me the title, "Mrs"