Friday, 24 March 2017

"“So I Should Be Ashamed That I Have Two Children From Different Dads? Do You Think Any Woman Is Happy Having Kids With Different Men?” – Toyin Lawani Calls Out People Criticizing Her" - Www.BellaNaija.Com

According to 
"A few days ago 'BN TV brought to you teasers' of entrepreneur Toyin Lawani’s new reality TV show “Tiannah’s Empire” and in the comment section, a reader made a comment implying she (Toyin) chose to become a baby mama instead of being a wife.
The proud mother of two didn’t find this comment amusing as she took to her Instagram to publicly address it saying:

Bella Naija
Bella Naija
Bella Naija
People will never stop to amuse me! So I should be ashamed that I have two children from different dads????? Do you think any woman is happy having kids with different men??? So if one fails, you won’t try again???? Too many hypocrites in this gidi, losers needs to stop, hating me only makes me get better at my game, this shit don’t get to me, my PR will send them I will read and laugh my ass off, y’all should quit this fucking hate,I don’t care,i love my kids to the moon,Don’t expect me to come online & be telling you what went on in my relationships, it’s between two people & that’s where it should stay, not online for all you blood suckers, if you need to find out about my relationships or learn how to run various businesses, catch up on @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow if you want your relationship to last in Nigeria, please don’t show any sign of it online,they will keeplooking for a fault, ur matter won’t rest.

They don’t feed u & your kids, they just sit and judge your life allday, overlooking the impact you are making on various lives, and society. No one is perfect & you have flaws too.Do u think it’s easy for a single mom to raise two kids with International standards alone?? Can you feed 60mouths in a day??
You should throw the 1st stone if you don’t sin.

Bella Naija
Some people just know how to hide theirs better, i’m me, I don’t hide shit, love me or hate me, i’m still gonna wake up and hustle for my kids & if God wants me to have another baby again before my final surgery, I will do so again with no regrets and you lots can help me count the 3rd baby again, wahala igo lonpa ala’icewater,Go and focus on your own life and problems and leave me and my kids alone, this is why loads of stars don’t put their kids out there, but I’m not going to cover up my kids’ various talents, just because society got something to say, love me or hate me, I’m Still here & will keep working hard to reach my goals, it’s all a dream until you make it happen, joblessness makes people hate, if you are looking for a job, i’m hiring, atleast i give employments and better this country, but you sit behind a toy & waste your data on writing shit about people you can’t level with s"

Here are my comments: 

Toyin Lawani, you didn't have to answer them; it is no - one's business.

You are their mother - the public is not their mother.

Your children understand you, they like you, their fathers made a choice with you.

You are not complaining of finances to train your children.

You have clienteles for your businesses.

You train people to better themselves.

So; live your best life "biko."