Saturday, 1 April 2017

"Kylie Ditches Makeup, Steps Out For Coffee In Her Natural Look" - Www.LindaIkejisBlog.Com

Kylie Jenner

According to  "Kylie Jenner was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday as she stopped by Starbucks to get coffee and her face was completely makeup free. The reality star looked casual in a matching black tracksuit with flame details on the sleeves and joggers."
Kylie Jenner, do you know Linda Ikeji personally?
Why I am asking, is because she is your big supporter on her LindaIkejisBlog
If you know her personally, why not visit her in Nigeria, take a vacation in Nigeria
Probably bring Kendall Jenner with you to Nigeria
And if you feel IFEYINWA deserves a vacation in Nigeria
Please send IFEYINWA a ticket to travel to Nigeria
Thank you    :-)