Saturday, 22 April 2017

"Toke Makinwa Shares Photo From Her Visit To NYU Where Lectured And Addresses People Who Said She Lied About It" - Www.LindaIkejisBlog.Com

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"Aww...thank you Prof L.

Getting feedback of my guest lecture at NYU warms my heart. This was my first attempt at teaching and it went really well.
To share my knowledge on brand building even while I'm still learning can only be a blessing from God and I am available to be further used by him.
Was I nervous?
Hell yeah.
But just the thought of a Nigerian girl sharing her success story to a room full ofI multinational students was enough to push me.
Funny thing is while the lecture was going on God used the ignorance of many to further illustrate my point to the class.
The students checked me out online and found out I was trending and it led to questions about dealing with negative feedback from customers and how to deal with the not so great comments and it was nice to use a practical example.
You can't take the good alone, try as much as possible to cater to every customer there will be some that are completely hard to please and that's ok!
Keep working on your product, keep evolving and pushing the envelope, don't get distracted, keep at it till you perfect your craft and even after you think you have, there's still some room to become some more.
I pray my life inspires someone out there to be BOLD in the face of storms, I hope you take a chance and live unapologetically.
#onbecomingaglobalbrand#NYU #guestlecturer #TMtotheworld #ProfessorTM"
Toke Makinwa, congratulations on your being a Professor at the New York University......


These are comments from  comments section;  Toke Makinwa, just do your work, Nigerians living in Nigeria are known for speaking their minds......

"Nnenne George said...
I can imagine the kind lecture taking place here with empty chairs. I can only count 5 heads of attendees. She mustu prove to us that she was indeed invited at all cost. Another fame whore like kim kartrashiàn...! #yimu 😏

Bia Aunty Linda were Oso jee degharia title thread a, wepusia mistake juru na ya. Kedu umu azi inyere blog ka ha postuo news na ede asusu Eliza edeghi nke oma? Don't bring yourself down, gyal. Asusu Eliza edeghi nke oma na ebutu quality blog gi Chineke bunyiiri gi enu.
Jasmine Joseph said...
Na every time we go dey prove to people wetin we dey yan or do?
Anonymous said...
Please I'm a student of NYU. This is quite insulting. Things don't work here like in Nigeria. A professor who happens to be Toke''s friend invited her to speak to her class...NYU didn't invite Toke pls.
Anonymous said...
Only four people in the class? They had to beg four people to sit down so that Toke can take pictures in the classroom. Toke qantinu
Anonymous said...
One word, STAGED! Easy to give out freebees and sit in font of computer for a photo section.

Anonymous said...
Show ur invitation letter simple
TheRealAkon said...
Linda you too is misleading the public. This is the fact. Toke was invited by a PRIVATE LECTURER/PROFESSOR (a Nigerian) to address her students.

Toke invite per sec WAS NOT OFFICIALLY known by NYC university bodies therefore not representative the way TOKE misled people to believe she was invited by the university instead this was a PRIVATE arrangement.

Everything about Toke is always sensational & blown up most times misleading.
Anonymous said...
Yoke, you went to talk to some people in a cybercafe and you call it lecture.
Anonymous said...
After all the noise you taught a class of less than ten people?even my 7 year old can do better! We are not interested in your exploits time as you have nothing but parties and showing off to offer.get lost!!!