Thursday, 17 November 2016

Adaora Ikem Bipialaka Is Getting The Big Money

Uzoamaka, come to London now. 

Let me share ideas with you on how to make CNN, ELLE, Vogue and good publications. 

The world needs to see and buy your creativity. I am serious. 

You know me from SCSSSNES. 

You may say, help yourself first. 

But Ifeyinwa Ify Atuanya is saying, you are already there. You just need the big money.

And with us sharing ideas and working on them, you'll get the big money.  Thank you.
My readers, if you are wondering who I am talking about.  Her name is Adaora Ikem Bipialaka.  She owns three sixty degrees boutique shop in Victoria Island, Lagos. 

She has been in business for over ten years. 

She is a plus sized woman, and she good eyes for good clothing, fabrics, materials and how to style any - sized woman, from petite to small to big to large, name it ----- she will do the styling. 

Help me to patronize her services and products. 

She is good. 

Her pictures are below:
Clothings from three sixty degrees Victoria Island, Lagos