Friday, 18 November 2016

I Applied For An Internship Programme, But Was Unsuccessful

I have graduated with a degree in Combined Humanities.  Whilst I was studying for the degree, I engaged in lots of writing, presentations both in seminar and workshop groups and having to submit my course work on or before the deadline date given.  I would like to develop more of my writing, organisational and communication skills in the public relations sector.
While studying for the degree, I had the opportunity of writing short stories weekly to receive feedback from my read out short stories to my then course colleagues and my tutor.  Presentations on different topics using the PowerPoint were given by me alongside my course colleagues assigned to the group I was in at the time.
Whilst studying at the university, one of the major objectives was working in a group or teams.  I did work in groups and teams a lot.  Part of it was giving presentations on different topics using the multimedia to showcase and advertise the visual topics chosen, making it relevant to our audience.  I would want to gain a wider experience on what I have studied at the university which is offered in the public relations industry. 
Team work is essential.
I hope to use my transferable skills, and develop my professional skills to achieve fulfilment and success in all aspects of my life and career.    
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Ideas delegator, Information communication and technology, good sense of humour, enthusiasm, motivating, and communication: telephone, written, verbal, and aural, photography, working on my own using initiative and working as part of a team, organisational and writing skills.  I can write using bullet points. 

I run a which is  After studying Combined Humanities at the University of East London in which some of the modules I studied were Life Writing, Creative non-fiction, Lyric, Rhythm and Sound, Screenwriting & Scriptwriting, Media Studies, Creative Writing, being involved in seminar groups, workshops, giving and receiving feedback from course colleagues when reading out the written weekly assignments in the classroom setting which are short stories.  Using the as an example of my interest in promoting individual’s profession to a target audience including brands and services which are all part of public relations.
Having worked as an Avon representative on skin care and direct marketing.  I did come in contact with different people from all walks of life and backgrounds, making for an interesting work to do. Communication skills are vital in public relations.
I could contribute awareness to the public I am assigned to, the relevance of the product for example.
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I can write, speak, learn, watch and listen. Being able to learn about public relations and/or corporate communications using the afore-mentioned is good for me.  Public relations are about having a good reputation with the public. 
Public relations and corporate communications signify service to the public in varying forms and manners in which I desire to become a part of, thereby undergoing the training required for them.  My plan is to be of (positive) benefit to the organisation that would train m in the public relations and or corporate communications sector.  If they could identify my strengths in the skills that I have, then it would enable me work effectively in the particular area, be it in the research backgrounds, photography, internet and web, video and audio, feedback communication, to mention but a few.  
I desire to become adept in understanding how brands and products gain wider publicity working in the public relations and or corporate communications.
I would equally desire to have a career in public relations and or corporate communications.
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The university classroom project of designing a web page for an invigorating energy drink aimed at a target audience of aged 18-25years old that happen to have different lifestyles.  The people involved were thirty two in numbers, divided into groups of four and appointed one person each from the group of four to lead or manage the team. 

I was appointed to manage the team or group of four and my duties were maintaining vital communication with the rest of the team or group, agreeing on what each member is required to do in order to plan effectively on how to produce the plan and building a functioning web site.  
The problem was about brainstorming and coming up with specific ideas on how to build the web site also researching the topic “life” which the website is based upon.  Firstly, we introduced ourselves, that is, the members of the team or group to each other.  We equally collected our e-mail addresses and telephone and mobile numbers enabling us to keep in touch while communicating based on our brainstorming, ideas, suggestions, comments, should be a case of where urgent face to face meeting is required and it could not be possible to do so.
In the process of following the plan that we all agreed upon, we discovered that the plan worked effectively and the times we equally met face-to-face, it was discovered that we painstakingly followed the worked out plan, enabling us build a successful website.
I learned the importance of team work, effective communication skills, positive interest in what is being asked to do.
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Community Links.  A charity organisation that helps disadvantaged people.  Sessional Play worker.  March 2003 – January 2007.  Paid work.





Sessional Play worker:  Supervise children ages 5 to 11 whilst at play at the after school club.  Write daily reports of every day to day activity undertaken by myself, colleagues and the children involved in the play setting.  I liked the flexibility of the job including job satisfaction.  I learned that no one day is the same as the next, everyday is different on the job. 


Royal Connections Network. Connection Point (my then local Church).  Volunteer Youth Worker.  2000 – 2004.  Unpaid work.





Volunteer Youth worker: Working with teenagers ages 12 – 18.  Working in conjunction with the team leader.  Drawing up plans and objectives on how to run the youth group sessions at my then local church.  Going on trips as a supervisor to places like Alton Towers, other church group activities, organising barbecues at my then local church for the youth group, general activities, together with the other volunteer youth workers.  Engagement with the other youth leaders and workers from other local churches; attending their group activities when invited, vice versa.  I liked the flexibility of the job.  I learned patience, compassion, punctuality, team work, and how to be a better person for myself and others working with teenagers in my then local church.


King George Hospital Redbridge.  NHS Trust.  Health Care Assistant.  1999 – 2002. Paid work.





Health Care Assistant: General elderly care.  Taking their respiration levels, temperature, pulse, making their beds, using the hoist to lift them from their beds on to the wheelchairs provided, feeding the ones that are unable to feed themselves, with the help and assistance of my work colleagues.  Doing the hand over reports with the qualified hospital nurses on the wards that I was assigned to.  I liked the flexibility of the job.  I learned time management, precision, focus, team work, report writing, being punctual, whilst working as a health care assistant on the hospital wards.