Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Is IFEYINWA Violating Data Protection

Ifeyinwa Atuanya attended SCSSSNES with Ngozi Nmaju.  Ngozi Nmaju sent this e - mail via 



Here are the contents of Ngozi Nmaju's e - mail to below: 

"Listen, l am not been any specific as I have kindly asked you to remove my information which you have made public without my permission.
This has got absolute nothing to do with whoever you stated his name but to stop using my name on public media.

I will be left with no choice but to initial legal proceeding as this is not acceptable, and I am not prepared to lose my entire career on silly things.
I will have to report your blog for violating data protection, and careless use of people's information without their knowledge.

What on earth is wrong with you.
Why would you seek for individual's consent before publishing their name on public media.
Why would you invade my privacy, violate my human right to information sharing, and think it is ok.
I am not here to know you but to request for my details to be removed immediately.
Which I have done yet, you think it is acceptable to carry on."