Wednesday, 7 September 2016

'I Don't Have Kids But I'll Love To' ; Rita Dominic Says

Rita Dominic uploaded her speaking to her fans on #facebooklivechat where she talked about her not having kids but will love to.

Linda Ikeji uploaded Rita Dominic's video on her

Comments were made, and my comment is below:
I am 41, I don't have children.

Rita can have children anytime she wants to.

Every woman's reproductive functions are not the same.
Some Nigerians like telling others,   be there, your age - mates are now grand - mothers. As if having children is a competition.
In addition to having children and husbands, there are other life engaging plans that are interesting as well.
So for people that insult people like us who don't have children yet: Ifeyinwa says, please get a life.