Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Absentee Fathers

The Book Of Proverbs says, "Fathers are the glory of their children," which is commendable.
Do you father children?
You are present in their lives or absent in their lives?
Do you love their Mothers?
Do you hate their Mothers?
Do you pay for child care?
Do you pay child support?
Do you engage in conversations with them?
Do you shout at them?
Do you play with them?
Do you avoid them?
Do you take them out sometimes to eat out, so their Mothers can take a break from the kitchen?
Do you insist their mothers cook everyday for the rest of their lives?
Do you praise their physical appearance?
Do you blame them for not looking good when they inherited their looks from you?
Do you give them chores to do?
Or you do the chores yourselves?
Do you know their friends?
Or their friends know you?
Do you know their teachers?
Do you make them see the errors of their ways?
Do you make them believe in the value of education?
Or you discourage them not to believe in the value of education?
Do you respect them?
Are they afraid of you?

Absentee Fathers, these are just questions.