Monday, 4 July 2016

Wedding Invitation Card

In the Nigerian churches, the Pastors preach, make your confessions. 

They advise you to confess for things you want them to happen in your lives. 

Like owning your own homes, having fulfilling careers, being able to give to the churches in tithes and offerings consistently. 

Using the scripture, "Calling those things that be not as though they were."
My confession is My Wedding Invitation Card.  I have designed My Wedding Invitation Card in confession. 

Here it is:
The Families of Atuanya and the Families of ______________________________ invites you to the wedding solemnization of their daughter Ifeyinwa Atuanya and their son ______________________ at ____________________________.  Time:  10:00 AM.  Reception is at ________________________.  Strictly By Invitation.
So in accordance with the Pastors advice, Ifeyinwa Atuanya will be confessing everyday on the My designed Wedding Invitation Card, until it becomes My reality.

'Ana m achokwa Di'.