Wednesday, 6 July 2016

University Beauty Queens

In Nigeria, there's Miss Intercontinental, Miss Nigeria, MBGN, Miss Earth.
When it comes to Campuses in Nigeria, there are Miss Fine Legs, Most Beautiful Face, Miss Elegant, Most Fashionable On Campus.  These are all Beauty Competitions...Pageants. 
At the University of Jos, Nigeria, Ukachi Amaechi won the "Miss UniJos" Beauty Competition...Pageant in 1993 / 1994. 
Typically, with all Nigerian Campuses Beauty Competitions...Pageants; there are music performers and lots more - before the contestants begins to appear on stages.  And the students on Campuses have fun at the Beauty Competitions...Pageants places.
Some present performers performed at the Beauty Competitions...Pageants.  The places became foundations for their performing at bigger places and platforms.
Ukachi Amaechi, after graduation from the University of Jos, Nigeria, got married and served as a politician at her State in Nigeria West Africa Africa.


To all aspiring University Beauty Queens, work harder, you may win to engage in bigger things at bigger places.