Monday, 4 July 2016

When S Becomes Ch

The Alphabet S is pronounced sss. 



Some people find it difficult to pronounce, so they say, ch, instead of sss. 



For example:

Sense = Chench.

Saw = Chaw.

Seen = Cheen.

Suppose = Chuppose.

Suddenly = Chuddenly.

Sextuplets = Chextuplets.

Shut Up = Chut Up.

Skewer = Chkewer.

Sum Up = Chum Up.

Sinner = Chinner.

Suit Up = Chuit Up.

Situations = Chituations.


This  Ch is not prounounced Kee, but Ch as in Chair. 


Stand = Chand.

Stunned = Chunned.
Stupid = Chupid.
Severance = Cheverance.
Sex of the baby = Chex of the baby.
Embarrassing = Embarraching.


With all the ssssssss


It could be a speech problem, they may see a Speech Therapist.