Monday, 4 July 2016

Chivalry Is Missing

The days are long gone when he writes a letter to she, and the main contents of the letter will be "I love you pass my mama." 

And means it.
When he will wait for many hours outside to see she, just because her parents wouldn't let her outside to meet her beloved
When they don't have to wear matching outfits to prove their love because their love is clear for all to see. 
When they study for their exams together, to pass together and go to the same University together.
When he will take out to a nice restaurant to eat to her heart's satisfaction.

Using his "pocket money," to show his love and admiration for her. 

Her friends will laugh at her because he doesn't have money. 

But she will tell her friends, "don't worry, he has potential."
Sometimes, he may have a job as a clerk at the Ministry, but it's okay, he's in love.

All dressed in shirt and trousers, including a knotted tie, coming to see her in his father's old Volkswagen, when her friends are expecting a Mercedes Benz.
When he will land a big contract, building their first house, to be married and having their baby. 

And everyone will tell their story around their family table because he understands Chivalry.
But now, life is different because Chivalry Is Missing.