Friday, 8 July 2016

Okon The Houseboy

"Okon!!!!!  Where are you?!!!!!"  "Madam!!!!!  I'm in the guest room!!!!!"  "What are you doing in the guest room?!!!!!"  "You asked me to wash your clothes in the guest room!!!!!"  "Is okay!!!!!  When you finish washing my clothes in the guest room!!!!!  Come to the kitchen!!!!!"  "Madam!!!!!  Madam!!!!!  I don't know how long it will take me!!!!!  Are you cooking?!!!!!"  "Okay!!!!!  When I finish cooking!!!!!  I'll come to the guest room!!!!!  Stay there!!!!!"

In the guest room:

"Madam, you know Oga will not like this."  "Shut up!!!  Doesn't he know I'm a woman."

In the parlour:

"Madam, I'm going upstairs."  "Okon, come back here - we have not finished."  "Madam, I'm tired ooooo!!!"  "Okon?  If I meet you there."

In the kitchen:

"Okon's Madam, why are you holding Okon's hand in the kitchen of all places."  "It's nothing.  We are just talking."  "Okon, go.  Me and your Madam will talk to you later."


"Madam is pregnant."  "Okon The Houseboy."