Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Plea To Prince Dr Emeka Eze


Please Prince Dr Emeka Eze Toronto Hospital Onitsha, return my Ifeyinwa Atuanya glasses back to me Ifeyinwa Atuanya.
I know some would say, it is because he did not marry me Ifeyinwa Atuanya.
Prince Dr Emeka Eze Toronto Hospital Onitsha told Ifeyinwa Atuanya that he had four females in mind to marry. 

Two were his girlfriends at the University of Benin, then there's Ebele, Ujunwa Okafor's friend and Ebele Uzodinma that attended Saint Cyprian's Special Science School Nsukka Enugu State. 

These are the four females he had in mind to marry.
Me; Ifeyinwa Atuanya never discussed marriage with Prince Dr Emeka Eze Toronto Hospital Onitsha.
Back to my glasses issue: Ifeyinwa Atuanya has e - mailed: , asking Prince Doctor Emeka Eze to return my glasses.

He is ignoring my Ifeyinwa Atuanya e - mails.
****I want my Ifeyinwa Atuanya glasses back.****
Me; Ifeyinwa Atuanya have said my own.
Rich people and their wahala. 

Prince Dr Emeka Eze has not responded to Ifeyinwa Atuanya's e - mails request.

Please - if you are his friend and colleagues, please on Ifeyinwa Atuanya's behalf, remind him to check his e - mail. 

 The address is:

remind him to check his e - mail messages.

Prince Dr Emeka Eze's Father is the late Igwe Walter Eze n'Ukpo. 

Prince Dr Emeka Eze's uncle is Prince Arthur Eze, the Nigerian billionaire. 

Prince Arthur Eze donated $12, 000, 009 to a charity in "Otuoke" Bayelsa State. 

I mean, come on, check out Prince Dr Emeka Eze's level. 

Do you think Ifeyinwa Atuanya is that level?


Ifeyinwa Atuanya is not. 

Very far, far, far, far, far, away from that riches level. 

Ask the country that Ifeyinwa Atuanya is living in; now, will tell you Ifeyinwa Atuanya's level