Wednesday, 24 August 2016

This One Na Just Short Story

An Ihiala thirty - five years young man was shot dead by firing squad in Indonesia for drugs trafficking. 

The dead young man built a mansion in his Ihiala home town in Anambra State Nigeria West Africa Africa. 

Him people give am befitting burial for his home town - Ihiala.
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Me; Ifeyinwa Atuanya has been in the United Kingdom since 1998. I don dey work since. I never fit build house at the age of 41. 'Ojoro dey inside'. 

Na how dem dey take make dis kine money? Wey be say, "dem go build houses", but dem no get proper job or jobs? Na wah oh.
May dem take am easy. 

If all the young men dey die for Anambra State like that, e no good. 

Wey deir parents? 

Me; Ifeyinwa Atuanya don talk my own sha.