Friday, 19 August 2016

University Of Jos

University of Jos also known as Ujay.

I attended between 1995 - 1996.  I left SCSSSNES in 1992, I did not get into the University immediately.  Ego Atuanya gained admission into Ujay to study.  I joined Ego Atuanya in Jos in 1993.  Then, we were staying at Abuja Hostel.  Where I met lots of people like Ayato, Ifeoma and her sister from Aba, Vicky from Dekina Kogi State, Ikwoo Aka Ikwokrikwo, Okey Nwalusi, Chigbogwu Ifejika, Maura Onyeje Obekpa, Lizzy Unachukwu and her friend Yemi Dipeolu, Ifeoma Nnenna Uduanochie's cousin, Nime, and so on.

Between 1993 - 1995, I was actively seeking admission at the University of Jos, until I was offered the Science Lab Tech admission in 1995 by the Igbo professor at the University of Jos.  I became a student of the University of Jos in 1995.  When I started attending the Science Lab Tech classes, I met Vivienne Isuama first, before meeting Ronke Oluwagbakan later.  The three of us all lived off - campus, but in different areas of Jos.

I sat for my first year exams in 1996, then went back to Enugu, to come back for second year at the University of Jos.  But second year never happened due to lack of finances.  I couldn't go back to school because I didn't have any benefactors.  So I did not graduate from the University of Jos.  Vivienne Isuama and Ronke Oluwagbakan graduated from the University of Jos in 2000.  I came to London in 1998, and attended Croydon College between 1998 - 1999.  I studied Access To Nursing at the Croydon College.  *No Nigerian man or woman sponsored my education*.

Vivienne Isuama visited me at Nwandu Estate, maybe in 1996 or 1997.  Vivienne Isuama visited me at Credon Road in 2001 or 2002.  I invited her for church service at Royal Connections Network in 2002 or 2003.  She attended.  I attended Vivienne Isuama's older brother's wedding in London, and I visited Vivienne Isuama, now Amadi at her husband's house in London when she had her first child in 2003.  Vivienne Isuama did ring me in 2003, to inform me she married in Nigeria.  Since 2003, I haven't seen Vivienne Isuama face to face.

For all Nigerian women that have benefactors, you're very lucky.  Having to drop out of school, you'll feel like you are a failure, but like they say, "God has other plans."

To Prince Doctor Emeka Eze that made me think he would be my benefactor, sponsoring my University of Jos Education, *your evil plans failed*.  Prince Doctor Emeka Eze, *your evil plans* against me failed, idiot.  C - o - m - m - o - n, 'mechie onu gi ebe afu', Prince Doctor Emeka Eze. 

Thanks to the University of East London, I have a proper degree.