Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Anambra State

is in Nigeria West Africa Africa. 

It is the Igbo speaking part of Nigeria. 

It is known as the "Light of The Nation."

There are the eastern, western, southern and northern parts of Nigeria. 

Anambra State is in the eastern part of Nigeria. 
Anambra State sons and daughters Aka illustrious sons and daughters mean well for their state. 

They dig boreholes, provide pipe borne water and electricity, provide tarred roads, provide scholarships for secondary and tertiary institutions. 

They take care of their orphanages, making sure the children living in the orphanages are well taken care of; they attend schools, have clean drinking water, their accommodation is safe to reside in, they have after school activities for orphaned children. 

The children living in the orphanages eat well - they don't go hungry. 

Commerce wise; Anambra State is one of the best states in Nigeria to engage in entrepreneurships and businesses.
They have good hospitals, that is, Anambra State which can be upgraded if the Anambra State government decides to do so, by having investors invest in their hospitals.
Agriculture is invested in, all over the world.  Anambra State's case is no different.
'Anambra ya adili li."
The Anambra State Governor His Excellency Willie Obiano and his wife Her Excellency Ebele Obiano, the deputy Governor Dr Nkem Okeke and his wife Mrs Okeke are doing their best governing Anambra State. 

It has been reported that the Anambra State Governor His Excellency Willie Obiano when he doesn't wish to be disturbed says, "Willie is working." 

Behind every successful men, there are successful women. 

Husbands and wives teams. 

No - one is paying me to 'tie mkpu'.
Everyone writes about States in Nigeria, that's it really.
Anambra State loves football. 

John Mikel Obi:  I think he's from Anambra State. 

Anambra State loves beauty competitions...pageants. 

Adaeze Igwe Yobo is from Anambra State. 

I'm digressing.
Selling motor parts, are still in vogue in Anambra State? 

Back to Anambra State topic. 

Anambra State loves cars. 

There are cars manufacturers in Anambra State. 

There are old and modern hospitals in Anambra State like the Iyi - Enu Hospital.
Many Anambra State indigenes are transporters. 

They invest in luxury...luxurious buses, transporting passengers to different parts of Nigeria and beyond.
Anambra, 'eke nee mu unu ooooo'
If you are interested in visiting Anambra State in Nigeria West Africa Africa, these are a few facts I know about Anambra State.

Did I miss out any names? 

Please let me know.  Thank you.