Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My E - Mail To Donna Hill

Hi dear readers, I wrote to the African - American Author Donna Hill on 04 of February 2008, and she replied on the 02 of April 2008.

My e - mail to Donna Hill:

Hi Donna Hill,
How are you doing, today? 

I am an avid reader of your books and a fan, as well. 

I read your books because it deals with everyday issues which makes it more real.

One of the books is titled, "If i were your woman," and many others.
Pls, do keep up the good work.  All the best in your writing, as you continue.
Have a fantastic day.
Ifeyinwa.  Ify.

Donna Hill's reply to my e - mail to her:

"Hi!!Wow, thank you so much for writing to me.  I am delighted that you enjoy my work. I pray that I will continue to write work that entertains you.

All my best