Wednesday, 15 June 2016


In Nigeria, philanthropy is quite popular.

There's the "Omeego" "Eselu na enu ego" "Okwuluaku" "Ochi na nwata!!!" "Ogalanya" "Aku na esi obi ike" "Aku di ike" "Ori aku" " Aku abata" "O si na nwata bulu Ogalanya" "Emekasi okpo" "Nwachinaemelu."

For them, philanthropy shows their generosity

They give cash to churches they attend or build churches for their communities in their towns. 

They build community centres for their towns people living in or based in different states in Nigeria. 

They give scholarships to deserving students in their States in Nigeria.

Nigeria has States and Capitals. 

For example, Anambra is a State in Nigeria and the Capital is Awka.

They the philanthropists give out cartons and cartons of powdered milk, bags of rice, cooking oil, tubers of yams and boxes of Indomie noodles to women and children in rural areas Aka villages. 

They all have wives, none are single, they are usually males. 

But there's Modupe Ozolua, she is a philanthropist. 

There are the Governor's wives and the Vice - President's wife, even the President's wife are all philanthropists.

The former president of Nigeria, President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida Aka IBB's wife Maryam Babangida made philanthropy very popular with her NGO "Better Life For Rural Women". 

The women in the rural areas all had wrappers with the "Better Life For Rural Women" image or emblem showing on the wrappers

She; Maryam Babangida was a hard worker, who worked relentlessly and effortlessly, making sure every rural woman was not neglected in her NGO programme "Better Life For Rural Women". 

Errrmmm "Better Life For Rural Women" was for all the women living in the rural areas Aka villages. 

Women who were involved in small scale farming, petty trading, sewing, plaiting and weaving of hair not weaves, tie and dye businesses, fast food industries , even bukas

These all happened and went on during her husband's regime

May Maryam Babangida's soul rest in peace.

She had 4 children. 

Aisha, Mohammed, her youngest son and Halima.
In Nigeria now, there are many NGO's giving, advocating, working for; all to do with the individuals who need their help and assistance; living in Nigeria. 

I believe these NGO's have sponsors.
The males philanthropists usually build roads as contractors.
If you want to work for any NGO in Nigeria as a foreigner, you can apply. 

Maybe use Google to find out any NGO's you are interested in applying for in Nigeria.

The NGO's in Nigeria usually have websites. 

Good luck in getting the NGO jobs.