Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kisses Besos Susuo Onu

Sometimes you may end your write - ups with small alphabets xx, meaning Kisses. 
Besos meaning kisses in Spanish.
Susuo Onu meaning kisses in Igbo.
When you write your love letters, you end the love letters with the small alphabets xx, meaning Kisses, Besos, Susuo Onu. 

Many love songs lyrics have kisses as part of the lyrics. 
Some Nigerian movies have parts where couples in love engage in Kisses, Besos, Susuo Onu.

Kisses, Besos, Susuo Onu in some Nigerian movies are usually engaged in by couples whom the man's character says, "I don't want the riches," because he's usually wealthy, looking for the poor girl, and not for the rich girl to marry.
In real life situations, who engages in Kisses, Besos, Susuo Onu?