Thursday, 9 June 2016

Oluchuwkwu Olyyy Okoye

aka Aunty Olyyy.  Who has older sisters.

Bobo Nicole Ndigwe the Nigerian actress is one of her nieces.  

The Chime's were her neighbours at Byron Onyeama Close.  

Likewise the Akpuaka's, the Onyeama's, the Onyekwuluje's, the Mbeledogu's, the Onyechi's, the Uzo's.  

The Thomas's, the Onyia's, the Ahanonu's, Aunty Esther, Prince the futuristic furniture designer and maker.  

The Mgbor's, the Uwalaka's, Chukwudi and Oby, Dawn Functions advertising company, Afii, "I have never seen her, I didn't know her," were all her neighbours at Byron Onyeama Close.

Byron Onyeama Close was interesting to visit between 1986 - maybe 1997.  

But many have moved on from Byron Onyeama Close; I heard that Byron Onyeama Close has many hotel buildings now.  

21st Century, isn't it?  

Good memories.

Any good memories?