Monday, 20 June 2016

Registered Nurses

They are into nursing care.  They have their pin numbers.  They are into different branches of Nursing - specialising.  They work with doctors and healthcare professionals.  They work in communities, hospitals, residential and care homes, children's hospitals, and private homes.

Different branches of Nursing could be - Cardiac, Oncology, Adult, Children's, Paediatrics, Learning Disabilities, Hospice, Mental, Orthopaedic, Reproductive care, Elderly, HIV / AIDS, Fertility.

I heard Regina Askia Williams the Nigerian actress is an Oncology Nurse.  Maura Onyeje Obekpa Ijaola is an Hospice Nurse.  Ada Arinze is a Paediatric Nurse.  Ify Umezulike is an Orthopaedic Nurse.  Ngozi Aboh is a Nurse.  Oby Nnaji is a Nurse.  Chinwe Ubani Johnson is a Nurse.  Chizoba Ekwensi is a Nurse.  Ngozi Okocha is a Nurse.

Many Nigerian Nurses living in Nigeria, the UK and the USA, and other countries.