Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Children In Nigeria

"Parents listen to your children
we are the leaders of tomorrow
try and provide our needs
and give us sound education . . . Education!!!"
There's "ota akara" Aka Kindergarten.  "I can't be forgotten."  "I can't be forgotten" is part of the lyrics of a song and rap by Nigga Raw Nwanne. 
Kindergarten and nursery, children usually attend in Nigeria, from the ages of 0 - 6 years.  But in some States in Nigeria, they are known as Pre - School / Crèche.  Slates or small boards and chalks are used to teach children in Kindergarten and nursery by their teachers.
Now, in some States in Nigeria, balls, learning spaces are used by their teachers to teach them.  Then, if a child is not in Kindergarten and nursery, people and neighbours ask the parents and carers of the child; "why?"  But now, it is totally different.
You may find many child street hawkers of many products, child vulcanizers, child loitering about without parental care and supervision.  In some countries, they have Child Labour Act, maybe Nigeria can introduce its Child Labour Act.  To protect Children In Nigerian.
Then, if you wanted to attend Federal Government College Schools in Nigeria, you would take an exam for them in the Primary Schools.  And to attend State secondary schools in Nigeria, you would take the 'Common Entrance Examinations' for it in the Primary Schools.  In Primary Schools then, there were favouritisms.  Based on who your father and mother is.  There were "nkewaa"  Aka Divisions.  If you had a rich father or mother, a scholar father or mother, a government official father or mother, automatically you are seen and regarded as the intelligent one.  It wasn't education based on merit.  And the regarded intelligent ones in Primary Schools, also called "brilliant pupils," the teachers told the rest of the pupils that the "brilliant pupils" will be Medical Doctors.  Now, it has changed.
Primary Schools education passes from Primary or Elementary 1 to 6 has changed.  When you have a rich father or mother, a scholar father or mother, a government official father or mother; when you fail a class in Primary School, you repeat the class failed, not being taken to the next class when you are "itibolibo" Aka rather sneer than study.
Secondary School is the same.  Repeat patterns.  There were "nkewaa" Aka Divisions.  From secondary schools to gaining admissions into Universities or Colleges of Education, there was West African Examination Councils certificates to have and the JAMB examinations to write.  Many secondary schools students were "helped" to have their West African Examinations Councils certificates without studying for their exams.  When it came to JAMB results, there's what was called the "cut off marks."  As I have written, the influential parents sons and daughters may not reach the "cut off marks" with their JAMB results, but they'll gain admission to study Medicine in the Nigerian Universities.  How sad.  So they'll become 'Nne Doctor' and 'Nna Doctor,' Aka Mother of Doctor and Father of Doctor.
Now, in Nigeria, Degrees are accounted for and WAEC certificates are accounted for.
Times have changed.  Now, it is best to "kpuo akada" Aka study hard, so that the child would pass based on merits and not repeat the favouritisms patterns.  Then and now, the less privileged parents could help their children by allowing them more time for study and less time for hawking products on the streets.  So the parents too can be 'Nne Doctor' and 'Nna Doctor' Aka Mother of Doctor and Father of Doctor.
So once again:
"Parents listen to your children
we are the leaders of tomorrow
try and provide our needs
and give us sound education . . . Education!!!" 

Dear readers, please if you feel you can make a change in the lives of Children In Nigeria.  Please work with the NGO's in Nigeria that deal only with Children In Nigeria.  Thank you.