Friday, 17 June 2016


Pronounced  Restorerant. 

Do you visit one? 

Do you go on dates visiting restaurants? 

Do you enjoy eating food outside of your home? 

People visit bukas if they want to. 

Ask Flavour and Stormrex in their song "K'anyi jebe Enugu" lyrics "....mama Ekpere tinyere m something, congress bu enyi...."
There's different kinds of restaurants for different kinds of foods. 

You visit restaurants based on the foods you like. 

Do you cook everyday, meaning you don't visit restaurants. 

Are your restaurants visits classy, modern or outdated. 

Do you visit solo? 

Or you take someone or people with you? 

Do you visit expensive, cheap or average restaurants?
People who own restaurants are rich. 

Is it a myth or a stereotype?  Or is it a fact?
How do you like your ambience in the restaurant you visit? 

Live music, music from the sound system, quiet, full restaurant, packed restaurant, just the two of you.
Actually, it's pronounced Rest Ron.
Do you have a favourite restaurant? 

Or you visit different restaurants? 

Not having a favourite?